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I have been


performance & programming

around emotional health, women’s narratives, and nature for over a decade

Since childhood I’ve been active in the performing arts and teaching others.  When my mom passed from preventable causes in 2009 however, my attention turned toward holistic living. It was then that I made a pact with myself to live a fulfilled and healthy lifestyle no matter what. 


I joined a radical womanist performance ensemble, where I could breathe, stretch and sing through my grief.   The power of this alternative healing space firmly planted my feet in the ground of holistic, creative and communal wellness practices. From that foundation, I began my spiritual seeking and exploring other practices like  mediation, massage, yoga talking circles, plant medicine, healing food and sound therapy.  Since that time, my art and general living has taken on an intentionality and foundation in wellness.  My wellness journey has also included transitioning my diet to primarily plant based foods,  incorporating regular enjoyable exercise into my lifestyle, working with a therapist and sharing my insights & skills with others.  I've done this work in schools, theaters, community centers, churches, recovery facilities, on the street and in the virtual space.


As a cultural organizer who has been working in arts & justice spaces since I was a teenager, I know that the work of evolution and revolution can be daunting and overwhelmingly serious work.  To be able to do that work day after day, year after year and be well, it is necessary to be able to release, make space and dream again.  I have found my purpose in creating, sharing, facilitating and space making to support us in releasing and dreaming again.

I am a New Jersey girl with roots in Alabama and The Commonwealth of Dominica.  I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Educational Theater from NYU's Steinhardt School, a Sound and Music Integrated Practitioner Credential from the New York Open Center and a Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian Touch Medicine Credential from the Maui Academy of Healing Arts School of Massage.  I also trained for  5 years with Landmark Worldwide, focusing on leadership development and team management. 


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 2017 - 2020

I served as an Assistant Principal at Williamsburg Charter High School in Brooklyn, NY championing student leadership and social emotional development initiatives.  Before that, I served as Wellness Coordinator, spearheading the school’s Restorative Justice Programming.

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 2014 - 2016

 I was an Artist-in-Residence at Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ performing and producing creative wellness programs with the Essential Elements Collective.

During this time I also created and facilitated workshops for Sadie Nash Leadership Project, an activism organization for young women of color.

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2009 - 2013

I served as a Writer,  Performer and later Assistant Artistic Director for the Body Ecology Performance Ensemble, nationally recognized for our public healing performance rituals surrounding Reproductive Justice.

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I wrote & performed theater for young audiences with the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC).


I  Directed two North American premieres of Caribbean Playwrights’ work, produced in New York City : Karl O’Brian Williams’ play THE BLACK THAT I AM, nominated for a New York Innovative Theater Award for Best Performance Art Production in 2015 and Alwin Bully’s FOLK NATIVITY.

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In 2013, I  founded Black Arts Retreat, a community arts organization which focuses on exploring African Diasporic art and culture, communing with nature and holistic wellness through retreats, workshops and affinity groups in the US, digitally and around the world. Through Black Arts Retreat, I have facilitated groups in  Bahia, Brazil  Berlin, Germany and throughout Haiti

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 I first began coaching in 2012 through "HelloBeautiful Healing Ministry".  Previous offerings included one-one-on-one closet consultation and inside out style make-overs in addition to Afra*Vintage gear & massage.


I founded the organization after traveling to Maui to study the ancient  Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage technique & philosophy and soon after opened a practice in Downtown Newark, NJ

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