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I use my gifts of innovative thinking, artistic skills, and facilitation to bring people together for learning, mutual care and growth. 

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Founded by Kelly GreenLight in 2013, Black Arts Retreat is a home for black creativity: providing restorative experiences that connect participants to art, whole wellness, nature, themselves and each other. @blackartsretreat

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   I'm building a collection of original music for young people! The first in this series is the "Today is a Great Day!" EP which shares messages of self confidence, friendship, loving the environment and embracing diversity.

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   Bringing the Conversation of Wellbeing to Work!

This series of workshops creates the space for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leaders and Teams to prioritize their physical and emotional wellbeing while continuing to make a huge impact in the organization and in the world. This series activates the body and spirit to overcome DEI fatigue and release creativity &


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A guided journey of intimate discovery supported by plant allies, poetic prompts and intergalactic visuals. Created in collaboration with visual artist Jess Valoris & herbalist Petra V.

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